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9,265.00 ₪מחיר

The operating panel which comes with a touch- and slider- technology not just offers an innovative technology, but also modern design. A reliable operation is guaranteed with hand gloves. The big color display offers a clear menu guidance.
The desired speed and suction settings can be saved using the three individually programmable memory keys. The dust suction is extremely quiet and works with a maintenance-free brushless motor. Vacuum can be controlled at three levels, the continuous milling speed from 5,000 to 25,000 R/min (optional 5,000 to 35,000 R/min).
Large dust bags make need for frequent change redundant. The necessary exchange of dust bags is displayed visually.
Moreover, the low weight of podoQ makes it ideal for ambulant foot care.
Made in Germany

The hand piece has a robust, silver-colored aluminum casing and a 1.3 m long, high-flexible extraction hose. The millers are used with a brushless (micro motor without coal). The device can be started and stopped from the hand piece due to an integrated set of buttons. The hand piece can easily be opened for cleaning, with no need of any tools.

Technical specifications podoQ
Dimensions W x H x D          300 x 110 x 270 mm
Weight of the hand piece                   approx. 180g
Total weight                                        approx. 2300g
Color                                        Grey white/ dark grey
Supply voltage                             95-265 V 50/60Hz

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