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Autoclave Woson

Autoclave Woson

  • It is intended to sterilize any autoclavable material, whether solid, field, rubber, articulated, porous, cotton and fabric.
  • Has Bowie & Dick, Helix and vacuum tests. And Príon program that requires rigorous parameters such as 3 pre-vacuum, correct conjugation of time-temperature-pressure and vacuum drying (closed door).
  • 304 AISI 304-18 / 8 steel chamber, without welding amendments, whose finish facilitates internal cleaning and maintenance.
  • Distillate chamber with water quality sensor and minimum and maximum levels, with drainage.
  • Water chamber used with maximum level sensor, with drain.
  • USB connectivity for simultaneous recording, in pendrive, of the phases of the cycle, including the aborted ones, rationalizing the management and granting transparency and security to users and patients.
  • Slot for optional mini printer, which is intended to record data, even aborted, on thermal tape, every 30 seconds, until the end of the cycle. It can be operated simultaneously with the pendrive.
  • PWM preheating system that operates by pulse modulation with electronic precision, conjugated with the ring in the form of a tape and guarantees regularity, stability and maintenance of the temperature inside the stainless steel chamber, with time and productivity gain.
  • Steam production system injected in a preheated chamber that avoids the condensation of the distillate, penetrates the less accessible points of the loads, sterilizes with more uniformity and efficiency, preserves the integrity of the sterilized material, saves time and reduces cost.
  • Prewash and Vacuum that act with negative pressure of up to 0.9 bar and ensure stability in the sterilization process.
  • Vacuum drying programmable and customizable by the user between 20 and 60 minutes.
  • Vacuum produced by a 2-head, low noise pump with a capacity of -0.9 bar.
  • High density air filter that ensures the purity of the air admitted during drying and stabilization of atmospheric pressure at the end of the cycle.
  • Model 18L

    Power: 2000W
    Chamber Size Φ245X320 mm
    External size 557X471X400 mm
    Package size 655x560x495 mm
    Water tank: 3L
    Neto Weight: 56 Kg

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