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UV Germicidal Air Recirculator

UV Germicidal Air Recirculator

980.00 ₪מחיר

The bactericidal recirculator ORBB 15x2 Gorizont is designed for safe quartzing (disinfection) of indoor air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, other infectious microorganisms and harmful substances. The main advantage is the possibility of continuous quartzization of the premises in the presence of people, animals and plants.
Equipped with high-quality, low-pressure, ozone-free bactericidal lamps with an ultraviolet radiation peak of 254 nm (UV-C range). This radiation wavelength ideally corresponds to the peak of the maximum bactericidal efficacy, i.e. the best absorption of ultraviolet radiation by DNA molecules of microorganisms, as a result of which microbes lose their ability to multiply and die.


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